Dr. Charles Brown II, Chairman
Accelerated Genetics, Westby, WI

Dr. David Brown, Vice Chairman
Genex/CRI, Shawano, WI

John Azevedo
JLG Enterprises, Oakdale, CA

Dr. Laura Beckerton
Alta Genetics, Rocky View County, Alberta

Brad Cardwell
Elgin Breeding Service, Elgin, TX

Bobby Fair
Inguran,LLC dba Sexing Technologies, Navasota, TX

Dr. Tony Good
Select Sires, Plain City, OH

David Jensen
Hawkeye Breeders, Adel, IA

CSS Secretary - Treasurer - President

Jay L. Weiker
Madison, WI

CSS Service Director

Jere R. Mitchell
Columbia, MO

CSS Assistant Service Director

Rory Meyer, DVM
Milwaukee, WI

CSS Semen Quality Control (Compliance, Training & Competency) Committee

Roger Hanson, NAAB Technical Committee Chairman, Accelerated Genetics

Brad Cardwell, Elgin Breeding Service

Lucas Helser, Select Sires

Les Hutchens, Reproduction Enterprises

Bill Beckman, Alta Genetics

Liz Cashell, CRI/Genex Cooperative

Dr. Rick Lenz, Sexing Technologies/GRI

Jere R. Mitchell, NAAB/CSS

Leah Brown, Accelerated Genetics

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