Breakthroughs In Biotechnology
Research equips producers with an array of genetic improvement tools

Breakthroughs in biotechnology continue to equip beef producers with the tools they need to improve the quality and productivity of their cattle. In fact, the list of biotechnologies available today is expansive, ranging from artificial insemination to embryo transfer, to cloning and in vitro fertilization.

Yet success or failure in their application depends greatly on individual operating situations. "All of these biotechnologies can be applied profitably in some circumstances, but none of them will be universally profitable," says Dr. George Siedel, an animal reproduction scientist from Colorado State University. Seidel believes that knowledge of their various benefits and drawbacks - and planning before you use them - are the keys to making them work most effectively.

A discussion of various biotechnologies - including their benefits and drawbacks - continues below.

Embryo Transfer

In vitro fertilization Sexing Embryos Bisection of embryos Cloning by nuclear transplantation


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