Beef Cattle Breed Associations

American Angus Association
The nation's largest beef registry association with some 30,000 adult and junior members. You will find information about many of the programs the Association offers its members and the commercial cattle producers who use registered Angus bulls.
Ankole Watusi International Registry
The purpose and object of the Ankole Watusi International Registry is to recognize Ankole-Watusi cattle as a distinct breed in order to protect thier ancient, rare, and unique heritage, originated in Africa; to preserve its purity through proper breed practices; to promote public awareness of Ankole-Watusi cattle as a distinct breed."
Belted Galloway Society
This website serves as a table of contents and links to other U.S. Belted Galloway Society pages and to pages of interest to persons interested in the Belted Galloway breed of cattle. This page will be updated as new material is added.."
United Braford Breeders
The UBB is an association of cattle breeders dedicated to the improvement of Braford cattle. It primary purpose is to assist in member's efforts to bring quality Braford breeding to the commerical cattlemen in the world."
American Brahman Breeders Association
Visit this site for the latest information on genetic evaluations, membership information, calendar of events, current newsletter and association information for the ABBA.
International Brangus Breeders Association
The unexcelled combination of Brahman and Angus quality sets Brangus apart. The blend of selected individuals from the two parent breeds results in a breed that better combines efficiency of production and exellence of end product than any breed--new or old."
American-International Charolais Association
Check this website for the latest information about the American-International Charolais Association's registration, breed improvement, membership, calendar of events, Charolais Journal contacts, animal performance statistics and the lastest genetic evaluations."
American Gelbvieh Association
The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) is one of the oldest German cattle breed with a national organization of cattle breeders whose mission is "to register, improve and promote Gelbvieh cattle." Today, there are nearly 70,000 active, registered Gelbvieh cows in the U.S. and 2,000 active members of the AGA.
American Hereford Association
The home page of the U.S. headquarters of the world's most numerous breed of beef cattle.
American Highland Cattle Association
The American Highland Cattle Association is established to serve its members and their customers by: Assuring the preservation and improvement; providing opportunities for fostering business and social relationships among Highland breeders; cooperating with and encouraging research; advancing education and promotion and enhancement of ethical and humane principles in the raising, selling and showing of Highland cattle.
American Maine-Anjou Association
This website provides up-to-date information on membership, identification, registering and sire summary for the American Maine-Anjou Association."
American Pinzgauer Association
Check out this site for information about Pinzgauer Journal, current events and links to Pinzgauer breeders."
North American Limousin Foundation
On this website you will find out why to use Limousin, you will have access to new EPD's, an online member directory and much more.
Red Angus Association of America
The Red Angus website has sire summary information, accessible database, registation dept., calendar of events, a what's new section and other links of interest.
American Salers Association
Salers cattle are dark red or black in color and known for rare combinations of economically important traits. The American Salers Association website has sire summary information, animal queries, sale/semen catalogs, registry information and other links of interest.
Santa Gertrudis Breeders International
The source for information on purebred as well as commercial Santa Gertudis cattle. Registration guidelines, upgrading to purebred, performance programs and youth activities.
American Simmental Association
The first and only site to publish an entire herdbook of over 3 million animals on-line. You can search for any animal (sires and dams) by EPD's, name, age, horn status, etc.
American Shorthorn Association
Read about the history of the Shorthorn breed; study and evaluate data on Shorthorn performance at the Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center/NE; view pictures of typical Shorthorn cattle and request your copies of new informational videos and brochures.
Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America
The primary purpose of the TLBAA is to register Texas Longhorn cattle. With the dedication of Texas Longhorn breeders and far sighted cattlemen who banded together in 1964 to preserve the breed, the number of Texas Longhorn cattle registered in the United States and Canada has grown to almost 250,000 from the original few hundred.

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