NAAB Membership Qualifications


Section 1. Membership Classifications

There shall be two membership classifications:

a. Regular Members: Any individual or business entity who is engaged in the collection, processing and freezing of semen for the artificial insemination of livestock or holds equity in a member organization in a ratio approximating the proportionate usage of semen produced by said organization, may be admitted to membership as a regular voting member of the Association.

b. Associate Members: Any individual or business entity which has established interest in the purposes of the Association may become a non-voting member of the Association.

Section 2. Membership Qualifications:

In order to be accepted for membership, the following requirements must be met.

a. Regular Members: In order to be accepted for regular membership, the applicant must have a collection and processing location in the United States of American and first provide proof of a satisfactory completion of a Certified Semen Services (CSS) audit. In addition no individual or business entity shall be accepted for membership if the Board of Directors determines that the applicant has falsified any health testing records or production records, has been guilty of any offense which is indictable by the laws of the land, or has been guilty of any offense which affects the interest of good government of the Association.

b. Associate Members: Any individual or business entity, not meeting the qualification for regular membership as described in Section 2a above, whether located in the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or any other country, may be admitted to a non-voting associate membership in the Association if engaged in a business or occupation related to the artificial insemination industry or has an interest in cooperating with or assisting the artificial insemination program; provided that such applicant is not guilty of any offense that is indictable by the laws of the land or which affects the interest of the good government of the Association.

Section 3. Application Procedures:

No individual, partnership, company, corporation or association shall be accepted for any type of membership until an application, with the specified membership application fee, has been filed and the applicant approved for specified membership by action of the Board of Directors. If any applicant for membership is denied membership by action of the Board of Directors, he will be entitled to the same appeal proceedings called for in regard to the removal of members provided for under Article IV, Section 5, below.

Section 4. Transfers and Reclassifications

Membership in the Association in any form is not transferable or assignable. Reclassification to a different form of membership is subject to the submission of application, the payment of any difference in membership fees and approval by the Board of Directors, except that any member incorrectly classified as a result of amendments to Article IV will be automatically reclassified into the correct category without the payment of additional application fees.

Section 5. Conduct of Member

Regular members agree, so long as they are a member, to enter into inspection contracts with CSS and to comply with the CSS contract requirements and such other standards as may be established by CSS and to maintain true and correct health testing and production records. Regular members and associate members also shall be required to comply with the code of ethics of the Association and to conduct their business in such a manner so as to not be guilty of any offense which affects the interest of good government of the Association or is indictable by the laws of the land.

Section 6. Removal

Any member which fails to comply with the membership requirements provided for under Section 5 may be removed from membership by the Board of Directors by two-thirds vote of the total membership of the Board of Directors. For any cause other than non-payment of dues, removal shall occur only after the member complained against has been advised of the complaint lodged against him and has been given a reasonable opportunity to appear before the Board, with an attorney to defend against the complaint. Such member if removed, may appeal from the decision of the Board to the Annual Meeting of the Association, providing that notice of intent is provided to the President in writing within thirty (30) days after notification has been mailed of the Board's decision of removal which said decision shall be mailed to the address of the member shown on the records of the Association. The appeal from the decision of the Board shall then be presented at the next annual meeting of the voting delegates, or in the alternative, the Board of Directors may by majority vote elect to consider said appeal at a special meeting called for that purpose. The appealing member shall have a reasonable opportunity to present its appeal with an attorney if the member so desires, and the Board shall be entitled to present its position or to have an attorney present its position. If a majority of the voting delegates present for the meeting vote in favor of sustaining the position of the Board, the appeal shall be denied. If the majority of the members fail to support the decision of the Board the appeal shall be sustained and the member reinstated.

Section 7. Withdrawal

Any member may withdraw by filing a written notice with the Secretary of the Association at least sixty (60) days before the end of its (member's) fiscal year. However, member shall pay dues for the fiscal year in which request for withdrawal is made.

Revised September, 2006

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