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Regulations for registering calves from artificial insemination matings vary among the different beef breed registry associations. Management personnel and members of the respective breed associations vary in their policies and views. This booklet summarizes the artificial insemination regulations of the various beef breed registry associations.

The information listed pertains to the registration of progeny from out-of-herd artificial insemination. Out-of-herd artificial insemination is defined as the use of artificial insemination by the breeder (owner of the dam on record at the time of breeding) who is not the owner or co-owner of the recorded bull used. Breed associations not listed either did not respond to our request of their regulations or were not known to exist at the time this booklet was prepared. For your convenience, information in this booklet is arranged alphabetically by breed. The information listed provides a guideline for interested persons. Anyone registering cattle of a specific breed is responsible for obtaining complete details of regulations regarding registration from the respective breed registry association. The regulations this booklet summarizes are based solely on information provided by the respective breeding registry associations and believed to be complete and accurate. However, all regulations are subject to change and specific interpretation by the respective breed registry associations.

Neither Certified Semen Services, Inc., National Association of Animal Breeders, their staff, Board of Directors or membership, are responsible for any loss or damage resulting from errors or omissions in the information herein.


One requirement that is generally common for all breed registry associations is that a record of the blood type of each bull used in artificial insemination be on file with the respective breed associations. It is recommended that each bull be blood typed at the time the semen is first collected. Some associations are now requiring blood profiling using DNA technology.

When having a bull blood typed/profiled for purposes of recording this blood type/profile with the breed association, the blood should be sent to the laboratory with which the breed association is affiliated. Before collecting blood samples for blood typing/profiling, obtain the necessary instructions, report forms and blood tubes containing anti-coagulant solution or other required materials from the respective breed registry association.

Information on the variety of breeds

Association Blood Typing Required?
Sire / Dame
Affiliated Lab Breeding Receipt Required Non-Owner Certificate Required? Restrictions on Certificate Disposition of semen after death of sire General Comments
AMERIFAX (AM) Amerifax Cattle Association
P.O. Box 149
Hastings, NE 68902
Tel: (402) 463-5289
Fax: (402) 463-6652
Yes No Ohio State University No None None None Registration requirements same as natural service.  
ANGUS (AN) American Angus Association
3201 Frederick Blvd.
St. Joseph, MO 64506
Tel: (816) 383-5100
Fax: (816) 233-9703
Yes Yes Ohio State University No Yes None No restrictions on use. n/a  
ANKOLE-WATUSI (AW) Ankole-Watusi International Registry
22484 W. 239th St.
Spring Hill, Kansas 66083-9306
Tel: (913) 592-4050
Yes Yes Univ. of Cal-Davis Yes Yes None Ownership doesn't change after sire's death. Must be notified of death of bull. n/a  
BEEFALO (BE) American Beefalo Association
P.O. Box 656
Somerset, KY 42502
Tel: 606/678-5438
Fax: 606/678-5438
Yes   Univ. of California-Davis,
Stormont Laboratories,
Saskatchewan Research Council
No No   No restrictions.    
American Beefalo World Registry (BE)
2225 Old Stage Road
Dillon, MT 59725
Tel: 406/683-6564
Fax: 406/683-6564
    Univ. of California-Davis            
BEEFMASTER (BM) Beefmaster Breeders United
6800 Park Ten Blvd., Suite 290 West
San Antonio, TX 78213
Tel: (210) 732-3132
Fax: (210) 732-7711
Yes Yes if she is a donor dam. Imm Gen, Inc. No Yes
Semen Bill of Sale is required on non-owners.
  Owner must retain semen possession via a semen bill of sale (to himself) to register subsequent offspring. none  
BELGIAN BLUE (BB) American Belgian Blue Breeders, Inc.
P.O. Box 34663
N. Kansas City, MO 64116
Tel: 816/471-2583
Fax: 816/421-1991
Yes Yes Imm Gen, Inc. No No        
BELTED GALLOWAY (BG) Belted Galloway Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 56
Holly Springs, MS 38635
Tel: 601/252-5744
Fax: 601/252-4386
No No n/a Yes Yes Continue to sell until supply is exhausted   All purebreds and full-bloods parent verified, regardless of natural or artificial breeding  
BLONDE D'AQUITAINE (BD) American Blonde d'Aquitaine Association
P.O. Box 12341
Kansas City, MO 64116
Tel: (816) 421-1305
Fax: (816) 421-1991
Yes Yes
Required for ET
Imm Gen, Inc. No No Certificate not issued for ET calves until parentage confirmed      
BRAFORD (BO) United Braford Breeders
422 East Main, Suite 218
Nacagdoches, TX 75961
Tel: (409) 569-8200
Fax: (409) 569-8200
DNA DNA PE Ag Gen No No None No restrictions.    
BRAHMAN (BR) American Brahman Breeders Association
1313 LaConcha Lane
Houston, TX 77054
Tel: (713) 795-4444
Fax: (713) 795-4450
Yes No Imm Gen, Inc. No Yes Breeding certificates are not required, however registering breeder must obtain AI certificates from recorded owner(s) to accompany application for registration for AI calves. After death of sire, owner must submit in written form number of ampules of semen in storage of said bull. AI rules and regulations booklet available upon request. n/a  
BRALERS (BL) American Bralers Association
P.O. Box 75
Burton, TX 77835
Tel: 281/440-5844
No No   No Yes   Report to association number of units on hand.    
BRANGUS (BN) International Brangus Breeders
P.O. Box 696020
San Antonio, TX 78269-6020
Tel: (210) 696-8231
Fax: (210) 696-8718
Yes Yes Imm Gen, Inc. No Yes
If owners require AI certificate
The sire owner has the option of requiring non-owner AI certificates. No restrictions.    
BRAUNVIEH (BU) Braunvieh Association of America
P.O. Box 6396
Lincoln, NE 68506
Tel: 402/421-2960
Fax: 402/421-2994
DNA Yes Random DNA & embryo donor dams PE AgGen No Yes
On enrolled sires only.
Braunvieh Breeders International
P.O. Box 7586
N. Kansas City, MO 64116
Tel: 816/471-1998
Fax: 816/421-1991
Yes Yes PE AgGen No No     AI sires and donor dames are DNA profiled. Calves are randomly tested.  
BRITISH WHITE (BW) British White Cattle Association of America
P.O.Box 281
Bells, TX 75414-0281
Tel: 903/965-7718
Fax: 903/965-5452
Donor Dam
Imm Gen, Inc. No Yes None None

DNA used in all cases. All animals enrolled in Fullblood Program must have DNA.
CHAROLAIS (CH) American International Charolais Association
P.O. Box 20247
Kansas City, MO 64195
Tel: 816/464-5977
Fax: 816/464-5759
DNA No Univ. of California-Davis No Yes Require signature from sire owner or a semen transfer on file. No requirements.    
CHIANINA (CA) American Chianina Association
P.O. Box 890
1708 N. Prairie View Road
Platte City, MO 64079
Tel: 816/431-2808
Fax: 816/431-5381
Yes Yes Ohio State University No No   Continue use of semen Voluntary AI Certificate Program in place for other than "open AI" sires. Enrollment fee $100/bull. $5/certificate to Association.  
CORRIENTE (MC) North American Corriente Association
P.O. Box 12359
N. Kansas City, MO 64116
Tel: 816/421-1992
Fax: 816/421-1991
No No No specific laboratory. Yes
AI Certificate
GELBVIEH (GV) American Gelbvieh Association
1001 S. 70th Street, Suite 215
Lincoln, NE 68510
Tel: 303/465.2333
Fax: 303/465-2339
Yes Yes Imm Gen, Inc. No Voluntary Currently pertains to five bulls. None An AI permit needs to be on with the AGA for all AI bulls.  
HEREFORD (HH, HP) American Hereford Association
P.O. Box 014059
Kansas City, MO 64101-4059
Tel: 816/842-3757
Fax: 816/842-6931
Yes Yes Imm Gen, Inc. No Yes None      
LIMOUSIN (LM) North American Limousin Foundation
7383 S. Alton Way
Suite 100, Box 4467
Englewood, CO 80112
Tel: 303/220-1693
Fax: 303/220-1884
Yes   Yes
Donor dam
Stormont Laboratories   No No No certificates In order for offspring of AI sire to be eligible for registry, the sire must have a protoporphy genotype on file with the NA office.
MAINE-ANJOU (MA) American Maine-Anjou Association
760 Livestock Exchange Building
Kansas City, MO 64102
Tel: 816/474-9555
Fax: 816/474-9556
Yes Yes Donor dam Univ. of California-Davis No No Semen Certificate required on certain bulls.No No Semen certificate required on certain bulls  
MARCHIGIANA (MR) Marky Cattle Association
Box 198
Walton, KS 67151-0198
Tel: 316/837-3303
Fax: 316/283-8379
Yes Yes Imm Gen, Inc. No No None

No regulations.
PIEDMONTESE (PI) Piedmontese Association of the U.S.
108 Livestock Exchange Bldg.
4701 Marion Street
Denver, CO 80216
Tel: 303/295-7287
Fax: 303/295-7935
Yes Yes Stormont Laboratories No No None

No rule.
PINZGAUER (PZ) American Pinzgauer Association
21555 St. Rt. 698
Jenera, OH 45841
Tel: 800/914-9883
Fax: 419/326-5501
Yes No Imm Gen, Inc. No No Certificates required for: Blitz (APA#31); Kadet (212410); Kount WT2L (204); Knockout WT12R (500147) and LBF Champ II (353).   Calves born as the result of embryo transplant after 1/1/97 are required to be bloodtyped. Donor cows are required to be blood typed.  
RED ANGUS (AR) Red Angus Association of America, Inc.
4201 N. Interstate 35
Denton, TX 76207-3415
Tel: 940/387-3502
Fax: 940/383-4036
or DNA
ET donor dam or DNA donor dam
PE AgGen No Yes Annual assessment must be paid on sire. Joint owner agreement required if more than one owner. Calves conceived after the death of a bull shall be eligible for registration under the same conditions and provisions governing the eligibility of calves conceived by AI prior to the death of such bull. If recorded owner of an AI sire is not a member of the RAAA, no AI cost is required to register calves from that sire. A member who donates semen to a sale or show must have possession of the AI certificates before the semen can be sold. No charge for donated permits.  
RED BRANGUS (RB) American Red Brangus
3995 E. Hwy 290
Dripping Springs, TX 78620
Tel: 512/858-7285
Fax: 512/585-7084
or DNA
DNA in a ET donor program
Imm Gen, Inc. No Yes None Report to association within 60 days of death; the number of units stored and location of units. Contact breed association for current information on registration.  
SALERS (SA) American Salers Association
7383 S. Alton Way, Suite 103
Englewood, CO 80111
Tel: 303/770-9292
Fax: 303/770-9302
Yes Yes Stormont Laboratories No Yes AI certificates are required on non-owned bulls to register full-blood and purebred offspring controlled by current owner(s). No requirements at this time. Random or non-random blood typing is always available to the Association.    
SANTA GERTRUDIS (SG) Santa Gertrudis Breeders International
P.O. Box 1257
Kingsville, TX 78364
Tel: 361/592-9357
Fax: 361/592-8572
Yes No Imm Gen, Inc. No Yes None No requirements.    
SCOTCH HIGHLAND (SH) American Highland Cattle Association
#200 Livestock Exchange Bldg.
4701 Marion Street
Denver, CO 80216
Tel: 303/292-9102
Fax: 303/292-9171
Website: www.home.eznet/~highland/ahca.htm
DNA No Univ. of California-Davis Yes No   Upon the death of an AI sire, the owner needs to send a letter to the association stating that he is dead. As long as there is a blood/DNA type on file there is no limit on the number of straws of semen that can be used. Suggest that individuals using Highland semen contact the office first to make sure we have a blood/DNA type on file for the sire and all is in order.
All AI sires must be registered with the association.
SENEPOL (SE) Senepol Cattle Breeders Association
P.O. Box 808
Statham, GA 30666
Tel: 800/736-3765
Fax: 770/725-5281
No No No No          
SHORTHORN (SS) (SP) (IS) American Shorthorn Association
8288 Hascall Street
Omaha, NE 68124
Tel: 402/393-7200
Fax: 402/393-7203
Yes Yes
Donor dams
Ohio State University No Yes Must be issued by owners. If death of sire is reported along with the semen inventory, the semen may be used, provided the bull is blood-typed.    
SIMMENTAL (SM) American Simmental Association
1 Simmental Way
Bozeman, MT 59718
Tel: 406/587-4531
Fax: 406/587-9301
Yes Yes Univ. of Cal-Davis No No Sire must be registered in assn. and be blood typed - confirmed to parents. None None  
SOUTH DEVON (DS) North American South Devon Association
Box 68
Lynnville, IA 50153
Tel: (515) 527-2437
Yes No Imm Gen, Inc. No No None No time restriction on use of semen. Registration requirements same as natural service.  
TARENTAISE (TA) American Tarentaise Association
Box 34705
Kansas City, MO 64116
Tel: (816) 421-1993
Fax: (816) 421-1993
Yes No Imm Gen, Inc. No No None None n/a  
TEXAS LONGHORN (TL) Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America
2315 N. Main St., Suite 402
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Tel: (817) 625-6241
Fax: (817) 625-1388
Yes No No specific laboratory No No None Notify assn. of death of sire. n/a  

WAGYU (KB) American Wagyu Association
P.O. Box 1115
Post Falls, ID 83877
Tel: (208) 262-8100
Fax: (208) 292-2670

DNA DNA PE AgGen. No Yes