Status Code Allowance

Cross Reference Status Codes

  1. Natural service bulls - Includes all dairy bulls with daughters entering the USDA sire summary system, but which had not been reported as having semen collected.
  2. Collected (C) - A dairy bull which has had semen collected and/or been assigned an NAAB code, but semen has not been released.
  3. Genomically tested (G) – A dairy bull which has been genotyped and has produced commercially marketable semen for use in AI. (NAAB Board of Directors, October, 2016)
  4. Progeny-test (P) - A dairy bull with no USDA published genetic evaluation but semen has been distributed in 10 or more herds for progeny test.
  5. Active AI Sire (A) -A dairy bull with 10 or more milking daughters in the USA with a CDCB genetic evaluation and has semen available for sale.
  6. Foreign (F) –A dairy bull which does not qualify for the Active status but has an Interbull genetic evaluation and his semen is routinely available in the USA at the current published price.
  7. Inactive (I) - A dairy bull which has had semen released but semen is no longer available for sale. This status includes bulls which have died and no longer have semen available or bulls which are alive but semen is not available.

Changes Allowed:

Status Codes