Who Should Apply

Research Criteria

Research project must be centric to the improvement and support of bovine artificial insemination.


Must have a B.S. in related field from an accredited university.


Student is currently not enrolled in a Masters' or PhD study.


Student must start their Fellowship Masters' study within the 2024 calendar year.


Student must be able to study on-site.


International students are eligible. Receipt of the fellowship is conditional on obtaining a study visa within 6 months of the award date and the ability to travel to the USA.


Student must remain continuously enrolled in the program for remaining funding to be awarded.


Top candidates should exhibit strong work ethic, resourcefulness, commitment, persistence, industry knowledge, research experience, and vision for the future.

How to apply

How to Apply


Submission guidelines

  • Academic transcripts and resume
  • Contact details for three references
    contacted only if applicant is selected as finalist.
  • A cover letter  A cover letter (maximum 2 pages) addressing your qualifications and your motivation:
    a. Why are you excited about the future of the dairy and/or beef industry. What is your vision for he future and how genetic improvement through artificial insemination can help? Convince us that you are the person who will help realize this future.   
    b. What is the research topic you would like to present, and how do you believe this topic

Submit your application by mail or email:

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8413 Excelsior Drive, Suite 140. Madison, WI 53717


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