Jay L. Weiker
President of NAAB and CSS

Responsibilities: To administer the objectives, goals and policies approved by the Board of Directors. Serve as liaison between Board of Directors and membership of the association and allied industry groups. 


Dr. Rory Meyer

Service Director for CSS/Technical Director for NAAB

Responsibilities: Conducts a national and international service program for AI industry through CSS and provides technical support to NAAB. Works closely with certain committees of NAAB related to the technical aspects of the industry in support of the activities of such committees.


Dr. Sophie Eaglen
International Program Director

Responsibilities: Responsible for all areas of international market development for USA semen in an effort to gain a more favorable atmosphere for international trade. Works closely with international key influencers and industry groups as well as USLGE and FAS. 


Eliza Roberts
NAAB/CSS Associate Technical Director and Service Director

Responsibilities: Collaborate with USDA to meet, set and develop industry standards. Support the Service Director with audits, reporting and agreements.


Taylor Zimprich
Data Coordinator

Responsibilities: Responsible for the management of the website and handling of the cross-reference databases. Also, responsible for all releases and nominations. Manages the website and controller accounts within.

Donna Craig
Accounting and Operations

Responsibilities: Responsible for all areas of accounting, including accounts receivables/payables, payroll, and human resources. Oversees the statistical databases for semen sales of membership. Manages and serves as point of contact for constituents for the dairy cross-reference database.


Administrative Assistant

 Responsibilities: Provides administrative       support to all staff members.