AI Careers

In the ever - changing world of genetic improvement, Artificial Insemination (AI) personnel provide critical support and are key management consultants to livestock producers. They play significant roles in each producer's genetic success.

Men and women employed by an AI organization, regardless of their position, contribute to the organization's total efforts. This brochure will highlight some of these positions and explain why each is vital.





Education can vary from position to position, depending on job qualifications, but all require a high school diploma. In addition, "on the job training" is also a means of learning job skills.

Technical training, usually a two year program, is valuable to learn specific job requirements. The lab technician and data processor would be examples.

Bachelor of Science degrees in Dairy or Animal Sciences, Agricultural Economics,Production and Communications are valuable for positions in the Marketing, Communications, Genetics and Production Departments.

A Masters degree in Business Administration may be required for leadership positions in Marketing and Management. A Master of science or Ph.D. degree may be required for key positions in the Genetics or Production Departments and for certain research positions.


Many A.I. organizations offer internships to provide an individual with the opportunity to experience the industry before committing to a specific career. Most are offered during the summer and some during the school year. They can involve any phase of the organization. Internships provide the individual a very valuable background for potential employment within the AI industry.

Key to Success

The keys to success in any position are self- motivation and strong people skills. Utilizing these talents in one position can lead to growth in other areas of the organization.