NAAB Marketing Code


  1. The National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) maintains a database of Marketing Codes assigned by NAAB. This listing is available online ( or by request. The Marketing Code numbering system is the property of NAAB. These guidelines and the application and number assigning process grant only a limited license to use the codes assigned, in accordance with the standards stated here, as they may be modified from time to time by the NAAB Board. ALL USE MUST BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH THESE GUIDELINES, AND ANY USE NOT IN COMPLIANCE MAY BE CAUSE FOR NAAB TO RESCIND A CODE OR THE LICENSE TO USE NAAB’S MARKETING CODE SYSTEM, OR REVOCATION OF MEMBERSHIP IF YOU ARE A NAAB REGULAR MEMBER.
  2. Administering this code numbering system, which is provided as a service to the AI industry, carries certain legal obligations for NAAB, and these guidelines and their enforcement represent attempts by NAAB to preserve a useful system while also complying with applicable laws pertaining to trade practices. Anyone using or seeking to use this numbering system that has questions about it or about these guidelines is encouraged to contact NAAB.
  3. NAAB will accept applications for assignment of an NAAB Marketing Code that can be linked to a controller number. This controller number identifies the business or the qualifying marketing organization listed as Controller of a bull in the NAAB Cross Reference databases. Marketing Code application forms are available online ( or may be requested from NAAB.
  4. NAAB Marketing Codes are assigned for a specific permitted purpose. NAAB retains control of each assigned Marketing Code and may rescind use of a NAAB Marketing Code or a user’s license to use NAAB’s Marketing Codes if it determines any NAAB Marketing Code is being used improperly. Reference:
  5. At least annually, NAAB will determine any codes not in active use or not being used in accordance with these guidelines. Such NAAB Marketing Codes will be rescinded, and thereafter any use of such codes is prohibited unless NAAB specifically grants permission in writing and in advance. Inactive is defined as non-use for one year.
  6. NAAB will determine the number to be assigned (generally the next available consecutive number).
  7. NAAB Marketing Codes are not transferable unless NAAB specifically grants permission in writing and in advance.
  8. The NAAB Marketing Code can be used in place of the NAAB-ICAR Stud Location Code in the NAAB Uniform Code on the straw as long as the NAAB-ICAR Stud Location Code of the semen production and/or processing organization is also printed on the straw separate from the NAAB Uniform Code and standing alone.
  9. All NAAB Uniform Codes assigned by your organization to dairy or beef bulls must be reported to NAAB as per the NAAB Uniform Code Guidelines. Timely reporting of assigned NAAB Uniform Code numbers is a condition of use of this license and is required to maintain a user’s status as a member in good standing of NAAB.
  10. NAAB Marketing Code Number - Charges
    • $500 USD One-time application Fee
    • $100 USD Annual usage fee

Revised January 27, 2020